Key #2: Family Devotions and Prayer

“Experts” in the field of faith development have identified four “keys” to growing the faith of your children. We love getting seeing your kids on Sunday mornings, but the reality is that we only see them once a week, at best, which means that YOU  are the experts on your own children. We want to put resources in your hands so that you can take advantage of your family’s schedule and routines to weave faith practices into your family’s “tapestry” The first step in developing a rich family devotional life is to cultivate ways of listening to God. God’s primary way of speaking to us is through his Word. As we dust off our Bibles and put them to use in our daily lives, we hear Him speaking to us and experience Him working within and amongst us.

Bible for kidsHere are some ways to weave family prayer and devotion into your days:

  • Select a family Bible verse for each week—perhaps one from  Sunday’s readings. Print it off for each family member to carry with them each day. Write it on your bathroom mirror!  Read it together during dinner.
  • Decide on some set devotional times—up to 15 minutes twice a week when you can come together as a family to read the Bible and pray.
  • For families with young children, a Bible story at bedtime is eagerly anticipated!
  • Play Christian music in your car and home—so much of this music is based on actual Bible verses –point these out to your kids.
  • Set up a prayer board with photos of  persons to pray for.
  • Begin a family prayer journal  – a record of prayer points and answers to prayer.
  • Use the “Five Finger Prayer” with younger children. (link)
  • Teach the A.C.T.S. prayer “method” to older children (adoration, confession, thanksgiving, supplication)
  • When conflicts arise—retitle your “Time outs” to “Begin agains” and refocus the attention on grace and starting over!
  • Take annual pictures of your children at the Baptismal font and talk about how much they’ve grown as a child of God.