15 Sep

Practicing Community

“What is the best thing about being part of a religious order?” a monk was once asked.  “Community,” he replied.  “Living with my brothers.”  “And what is the hardest thing about being part of the order?” asked the questioner.  “Community,” the monk replied.  “Living with...

30 Aug

A Faithful Response to Disaster

The images have been horrifying and unforgettable. Streets turned to rivers. People clinging to the tops of cars or houses. The rain and wind unrelenting. And there have been other images as well, also unforgettable, but these gladden the heart: people using anything that will...

18 Aug

Helping, Fixing, or Serving?

My church recently experienced three instances of people asking for money—all on the same Sunday. Two people came into the building, one during worship and one after worship, and one person stood outside the church, seeking money from parishioners as they left.   Our experiences that...

15 Aug

Statement on Charlottesville

Saturday was a horrific, tragic day in the annals of the United States of America. Peaceful protestors were confronted with violence. A young woman lost her life simply for daring to say no to racism. A hate group gathered to spread its toxic message and...

11 Aug

Your Spiritual…Type

Spirituality is intensely personal. Well, “ duh.” Of course it is, you might be thinking. What we often fail to consider, however, is that while the personal nature of faith is rather obvious, the implications are not. Educators have long made us aware that learning...

03 Aug

Naming & Claiming our Gifts

August 3, 2017                        Five years ago a dear friend gave me the book, One Thousand Gifts, by Ann Voskamp. It was a delight to read and packed a profound message, inviting me to pay more attention to the graces all around me—everything from the taste...