12 May

Pentecostal Power

This Sunday is Pentecost which is the day each year that the Church celebrates the Holy Spirit, that third and often misunderstood member of “the Trinity.” In my church, as in many liturgical churches, we will celebrate Pentecost by wearing something red. I like the...

05 May

Light YOUR World

Kids say the darndest things, according to an old saying. Did you know that from 1945-1969, Art Linkletter hosted a radio show called “House Party” and a television series, “Art Linkletter’s House Party,” in which he regularly featured a segment entitled, “Kids Say the Darndest...

28 Apr

Salt & Light

During Lent at Calvary, I did a sermon series on the Beatitudes, those immortal lines that open Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount. This week we picked up where we left off on Palm Sunday. We will be continuing our journey through Jesus’ famous sermon for...

21 Apr


I don’t remember hearing the word “community” used or talked about very much as I was growing up. Even during college and later, as I launched into adulthood, I recall the emphasis being primarily about the individual, and that was true whether the issue at...

BeTheKingdom SignBanner
07 Apr

Be the Kingdom Sunday in Pictures

We had such an amazing day last week and these photos really do tell the story.  Our projects included: Garden project at the elementary school next door Nursing home visit and singalong Making sandwiches for the homeless Packing hygiene kits for Presbyterian Disaster Relief Stuffing "Mended Heart" pillows for heart surgery patients Trash...

31 Mar

Be the Kingdom Sunday

We had a glorious Easter Sunday service at Calvary, as I hope you did wherever you are. This Sunday we are putting into practice what we proclaimed on Easter: we are being resurrection people by serving our neighbors in very concrete and practical ways. We...

24 Mar

Easter Prayer

Friends, A couple of years ago one of my colleagues shared a prayer with me that I have now read and re-read dozens of times. While it is a prayer specifically on behalf of pastors, I think it offers something for everyone as we celebrate Easter...

17 Mar

Holy Week

Holy Week commences in just three days with the observance of Palm Sunday. Palm Sunday marks the day Jesus arrived in Jerusalem to begin the annual Jewish festival of Passover. It was to be his last Passover, of course. He entered the Royal City to...