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11 Jan The Gift of Presence

I sit in my office this morning, fingers poised over the computer keyboard, awaiting words and inspiration and more words.  Because nothing is coming, at least not yet, I am suddenly aware of the loud cacophony outside my window:  horns honking, a man yelling, something...

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03 Jan God on Caller I.D.

Isn’t Caller ID one of the great inventions of contemporary life?  I absolutely love it.  Despite the fact that my home and cell phone numbers are registered with the national “Do Not Call” list, I still get an annoying number of unsolicited and unwanted calls...

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winter sky

21 Dec Finding Joy in the Hard…

I have a confession to make, and this is a risky thing for a preacher to say out loud:  Advent may well be my least favorite church season to preach.  Ironically, I love Advent from a personal/family/worship standpoint, but preaching the story of Mary, Joseph...

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15 Dec A Little Angelic Activity

  Let mutual love continue.   Do not neglect to show hospitality to strangers, For in so doing, some have entertained angels unaware. Hebrews 13:1-2 What comes to mind when you hear the word “angel”?  For some people, thoughts of chubby, sweet-faced cherubs immediately pop up.  For others, their images...

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30 Nov In Each Heart a Bethlehem

I woke up on Monday in a near-total panic. The voice in my head was screeching at triple-fortissimo, “Oh my heavens, it’s December and I have no idea what I’m preaching on Sunday, much less what my theme for Advent is.” [Editor’s note: some people...

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21 Nov Gratitude: Astounded by Wonder

Happy Thanksgiving!   Gratitude is a deeply spiritual discipline, one that people of faith all around the world are encouraged to practice regularly.  But I am still glad we have a special day devoted to gratitude in the United States.  Yes, it is also a day...

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17 Nov Lifting Our Hearts to Join Your Prayers

Another week, another shooting.  More lives shattered by violence.  Another community stunned by the reality that it doesn’t just happen “to somebody else.”  To the countless prayers that have been offered, I invite us to take a moment now to pray yet again. Merciful God, we...

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