Encountering Jesus in the Gospel of John

New Worship Series  for Summer and Fall 2018

Richard Foster writes that “The recurring message of God in the Bible is: “I am with you – will you be with Me?” Every story in the Bible, no matter its twists and turns, whether the human characters are trustworthy or untrustworthy, whether the story is sad or happy, is built on this call to relationship.” In July we begin a new worship series called”Encountering Jesus in the Gospel of John.” We hope you will join us for worship on July 8th as we kick-off the series. We also invite you to stay for Sermon Talk Back after coffee hour. Worship times and details here.

July 8: Words Matter John 1:1-18

July 15: What Are You Looking For? John 1:35-42

July 22: Rules of the Road John 1:43-51 

July 29:  Vegas Vows John 2:1-12 (Wedding at Cana)

August 5: God So Googled the Cosmos John 3:1-17  (Nicodemus) 

August 12:  Come and See  John 4:5-42  (Samaritan Woman at the Well)

August 19: Do You Want to Be Made Well? John 5:1-18   

(Man at the Pool of Bethsaida)

August 26: Two Fish and a 3-D Printer John 6:1-21  

(Feeding of the 5,000)

September 2: The Ultimate Soul Food John 6:24-35  

(Jesus the Bread of Heaven)

September 9: Believing is Seeing John 9:1-41  (The Man Born Blind)

September 16: Jesus Has Our Backs John 10:1-18   (Jesus the Good Shepherd)

September 23 : Organ Dedication Service

Dead Like Me John 11:1-41 (Raising Lazarus from the Dead)

September 30: Stinky Feet, Holy Feet John 12:1-16  (Mary & Jesus, Jesus & disciples)

October 7:  Jesus’ Travel Plans John 14:1-14  (Jesus: I am the way, the truth, the life)

Also: World Communion Sunday

October 14: Be the Kingdom Sunday

October 21: What Does It Mean to Be a Branch? John 15:1-8  (Jesus:  I am the vine)

October 28: The S Factor John 16:4b-15,   John 14:23-29 (The Holy Spirit)

For those who are traveling or unable to attend worship, we post the sermons on line each week.