Our Beliefs

The name “Presbyterian” comes from the Greek word for “Elders.” Presbyterian churches are governed by called elders and ordained pastors (sometimes called “teaching elders”), who serve together on our church board, which is called the Session.

“Calvary” is a name used to refer to the hill on which Jesus Christ was crucified, along with two criminals. Like the Cross, Calvary points away from death to salvation and new life given generously to us through Christ.

The PC (USA) is among the Protestant groups considered “mainline.”  Our faith is relevant, good news for everyday life.  Questioning and searching are accepted and valued as a part of spiritual growth.  Our tradition developed out of the Calvinist, and later Scottish, line of the Protestant Reformation in Europe, and we are constantly aware that we are “Reformed and Always Being Reformed.” There is much more for us to learn and to experience of Christ’s love for us and the world.

Our basic beliefs and practices include:

God is active in the world and has a claim on all areas of life.

  • All people are created in the image of God, yet are prone to rebel.
  • The Bible is our unique and authoritative witness to Jesus Christ, the Savior.
  • Through Baptism, God seals us with the Spirit and calls us to be disciples.
  • In Communion, Christ offers himself to us as nourishment for the soul.
  • As disciples, we are called to serve our neighbors as Jesus did.
  • Church leadership is shared, as we discern God’s will for us together.

For more specifics on our beliefs, please click on the PC (USA) link below:

Becoming a Member

The only requirements for membership are faith in Jesus Christ as Savior and a commitment to the life and work of this congregation.  Come visit us and see if Calvary may become your new faith home.