Our Worship

Worship at Calvary

Worship at Calvary organistis a participatory event and is central to the life of our congregation.   As we praise, confess, learn, eat the Bread of Life, and serve  together, we are ushered into the presence of the Living God.. In worship we encounter God through engaging sermons, reflective prayer, liturgy, shared joys and concerns, and music that is as diverse as our congregation. Classical, ethnic, contemporary, Taize, and Blue Grass music is played on African drums, cellos, guitars, organ, accordion, trumpet, harmonica, flutes and clarinet in all combinations. Our style is orderly, but not formal  No two services are alike but each one invites us into a sacred space where we pray, learn and grow, and experience God. We love to sing our old favorites and we regularly learn new hymns and worship music too. Don’t be surprised when the passing of the peace goes on and on – we’re a multi-generational family and love taking time to greet visitors and one another warmly!

While we safely navigate COVID-19, Calvary has adopted a hybrid-style worship, with in-person options as well as online worship from Calvary’s YouTube Channel. We do ask that anyone returning to worship wear a mask during the whole service. Thank you!

Children in Worship at Calvary

Though many voices, experts, and influences  would make a case for age-segregated worship experiences, we believe that Calvary is a place for all people. And all means all…including children. We love the questions, energy, and fresh infusion of faith that children bring to worship. We recognize that the church is the only place where all generations of people are together every week, and we take seriously our vow to uphold our baptismal promises. We love your children, and we want to partner with you  as parents to help them learn to love God and live as Christ- followers.

We want children to participate with us. Children are always welcome to join us however you desire. No anxiety needed here. We also have attentive childcare and age-appropriate lessons available for children nursery to 5th graders. Infants and toddlers can be checked into the nursery before worship. Children preschool and up will be dismissed either back to their parents or to activity time after the “Kids Talk” portion of worship.

We know and expect children to have child-sized attention spans, so we try to offer materials and spaces to keep children engaged.

  • We offer activity bags with books, crayons, and paper in a basket as you enter the Sanctuary.
  • We provide clipboards with Children’s Bulletins that follow along with the service, providing space for them to respond by coloring, answering questions, or illustrating the sermon as they listen.
  • We have a Quiet Corner at the back of the church with books that are relevant to the sermon series, including books on prayer and communion. Children are welcome to sit down at the bookshelf and read during the sermon.

Sharing our Gifts

worship at calvary presbyterian

We believe strongly in offering people an opportunity to use their gifts and talents in the life of the church.  In worship, folks serve as ushers, greeters and liturgists (readers) to facilitate a warm and nurturing environment in which we can hear God speak.  We are blessed with an abundance of musical talent which we celebrate weekly through the Adult Choir, the Instrumental Ensemble, the African Choir, and numerous soloists and ensembles of all varieties.  Our congregational singing is robust.  We love to sing our old favorites but also regularly learn new hymns and worship music as well.  

One of the most frequent comments we hear is how the scripture, music, sermon and liturgy all work together each week to speak in “one voice.”  We pay special attention to coordinating all aspects of worship, believing that this enhances our ability to hear and encounter God.  Our music staff is extraordinarily gifted and dedicated to working as a team for the purpose of glorifying God in worship.