Key #1 to Growing Faith: Caring Conversations

Caring Conversations are one of the first “keys” for nurturing the faith of our children and grandchildren. Families who are intentional about the WAY they communicate build a safe environment that  provides fertile ground for ALL types of conversations. This month we are focusing on communicating compassion.

Carolyn C Brown, the author of “Raising Kids to Love their Neighbors” introduces the idea that compassion has a “vocabulary.” She writes that at the heart of compassion are words  like “relationships, friend, partner, forgive, kind, and care.”  She notes that when children regularly hear and understand the words of compassion they will be equipped to “name it” when they see compassion in action, and they will be able to talk about their own experience of compassion. When we are deliberate about teaching children the vocabulary of compassion we give them a “toolbox” for developing a mindset of loving others.

This month’s “Caring Conversation” challenge is simple, but powerful: begin using  words like hospitality, donating, kindness, justice,  and loving. Challenge one another to name acts of compassion either witnessed or experienced throughout the day. (And then take it one step further by turning them into praise, thanking God for His endless compassion for us.)

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