Author: Jenny Cudahy

04 Jun Worship Links for Sunday, June 5, 2022

Our live, hybrid service will be broadcast from our YouTube channel at 10:00 a.m. and can be accessed here.The adult worship guide can be downloaded here.The children's worship page is here.Click here for the link to give your offering online. (Thank you!) As a reminder, on Sunday we celebrate Communion. If you...

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01 Jun It’s Time to Tell the Truth

Dear Friends, More times than I care to count, I have left town for vacation and tragedy strikes.  The killing of George Floyd two years ago particularly stands out for the national rage and grief it rightly unleashed.  Now, the mass murder of 19 students and...

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01 Jun Hymn for the Hurting

By Poet Amanda Gorman Everything hurts,Our hearts shadowed and strange,Minds made muddied and mute.We carry tragedy, terrifying and true.And yet none of it is new;We knew it as home,As horror,As heritage.Even our childrenCannot be children,Cannot be. Everything hurts.It’s a hard time to be alive,And even harder to...

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