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23 Aug Embracing God’s Invitation

Within the past month, two stories have appeared in the newspaper that put the randomness of life on vivid display.  In one instance, the randomness was tragic; in the other, inspirational. The two events both occurred on beaches, but the beaches were over 5000 miles apart. ...

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21 Aug Haggai Is for Hope

Majoring on the Minors Haggai Is for Hope Haggai 1:7-11 and 2:1-9 August 18, 2019 M. Michelle Fincher Calvary Presbyterian Church With the conclusion of the prophet Zephaniah, who we read last week, the Minor Prophets take a sharp turn.  Up to this point the prophets had been tasked with calling...

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15 Mar Waiting on the World to Change

How do you handle waiting?  I don’t know anyone who actually likes to wait, but waiting is a pretty regular part of all our lives.  We wait in line and in traffic. We wait on our spouse or children.  We wait on the nurse to...

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