Unlikely Heroes and Heroines of the Bible

08 Jul Unlikely Heroes and Heroines of the Bible

New sermon series Coming soon:

Unlikely Heroes and Heroines of the Bible

I love preaching, though to tell you the truth, it is a really weird thing to do for a living. If I preach to 100 people, 100 different sermons are heard. Every preacher I know has had the experience of someone saying, “I heard this [in your sermon]” when in fact, the preacher knows she/he never said anything of the sort. But, that is part of what makes preaching fun.

I do my darnedest each week to faithfully tell the stories of our faith in a way that a)makes sense to people and b)is relevant to their lives. When I prepare a sermon I always keep before me the question, “what difference does this make?” Sometimes I am very directive about how I see a particular passage of scripture applying to modern life. Other times, I prefer to simply tell the story, letting each person insert him- or herself into the drama or teaching so they can discover for themselves whatever it is they need to hear from God’s Word.

On July 19 we begin a short sermon series that will delve into the lives of 5 biblical characters. Rahab is an infamous prostitute. Four ingenious friends (who see a door where others see a ceiling) engineer the healing of a paralyzed man. General Naaman needs a major attitude adjustment. A poor widow and a small boy, both anonymous and insignificant, encounter lavish abundance. And four outcast lepers save a city. These are stories of women and men, young and old, the well-heeled and destitute, influential and irrelevant, faithful and feckless. As we’ll hear over the five weeks, God sees, loves, and works through each of them—which means God certainly sees, loves, and can work through us as well.

  • Jennifer DeLeon
    Posted at 07:49h, 06 August Reply

    Looking forward to read the series on unlikely heroes/heroines of the Bible.

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