Update on Calvary’s 75th Anniversary

12 Apr Update on Calvary’s 75th Anniversary

Dear Friends,

Easter was a glorious day.  From the flowered cross outside to the resounding “He is risen indeed” inside; from the pealing of handbells to the delighted squeals of children filling buckets with brightly colored eggs; from sharing the bread and the cup to passing the peace; from the angel’s “be not afraid” to the “glory” of Were You There ringing from the rafters, one thing is certain:  Calvary proclaimed the Day of Resurrection with gusto.  It was pure joy to worship and celebrate with you!

We remain in the liturgical season of Eastertide until Pentecost, which provides a perfect backdrop as we now turn our attention fully to Calvary’s 75th anniversary.  After all, it is Christ’s resurrection life that has sustained and blessed Calvary through the years, that we might share Christ’s life and light with our neighbors.

A lot has been taking place behind the scenes, so let me give you an update on where things stand.  Here’s how the weekend will unfold:

Saturday, May 6th is an all-hands-on-deck workday at the church.  By 9 a.m. the church doors will be open and everyone is invited to come help in whatever way you are able. 

  • Setup of tables and chairs in the fellowship hall
  • Decorations
  • Preparation of serving tables, drink stations, etc.
  • Cleanup of the grounds (two particular items still on the “to do” list in addition to general cleanup include cleaning and reattaching the main floor window screens and removing the feather flags from the yard.  If you are willing and available to work on either of these tasks before May 6, that would be a help!)

Sunday, May 7tth logistics:

  • Please park at the elementary school next door, if you are able
  • Arrive early: bagpiper will begin to play at 9:40!
  • Please wear your nametag!  Nametags for guests will be available in the hallway
  • Potluck will be in the fellowship hall immediately following worship
  • Weather permitting, a tent will be set up on the front lawn for the School Street Ramblers who will play after lunch

As we continue to live into the new life Christ makes possible for us, it is exciting to prepare for this momentous milestone in the life of our congregation.  Between now and then, we will recognize Judy’s service to the church during worship on April 23 and on April 30, I will preach at Calvary for the last time.  I look forward to these final weeks with you as the glories of Easter follow us through Eastertide.

Yours for the Kingdom,


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