Growing Faith at Home: Start Here!

The demands of parenting can be joyful at best – and also incredibly overwhelming. So often we just get by day to day, and we feel like we play a constant game of “catch up.” Often our frenetic lifestyles cause us to miss important opportunities to stop and talk with our children about faith. Without an intentional focus, we too often leave the “faith talks” to our once a week (at best!) trips to church.  

But did you know that what Mom and Dad say, and what Mom and Dad do are the primary factors that influence whether or not a child will grow up to have faith?  The formation of faith involves so much more than formal “Christian Education”  – it is the learning and experience of faith through the folds and creases of everyday life.

It really is as simple as weaving faith into the conversations, rituals, and traditions that we already naturally do with our children. And we suggest that you start right HERE