Be the Kingdom Sunday

31 Mar Be the Kingdom Sunday

We had a glorious Easter Sunday service at Calvary, as I hope you did wherever you are. This Sunday we are putting into practice what we proclaimed on Easter: we are being resurrection people by serving our neighbors in very concrete and practical ways. We are calling it Be the Kingdom Sunday. We will gather at our normal Sunday worship time, but after a prayer and a hymn we will disperse to participate in one of seven different projects. The projects are designed so that anyone of any age can make a meaningful contribution. One group of folks will go to a local nursing home to sing and lead worship and visit. Another group will help a nearby elementary school by installing edging and preparing their garden so that later in the month students can put in plants on Earth Day. A third group will pick up trash and talk to neighbors in the adjoining neighborhoods.

Some of the projects will take place inside the church kitchen and fellowship hall. We’ll be packing sandwiches which will be distributed to the homeless and assembling Hygiene Kits to be distributed by Presbyterian Disaster Assistance when the next natural or man-made disaster strikes. One group (which I’ve affectionately dubbed the “chop and chat” group) will be making and freezing homemade soup for later delivery to those who are grieving or ill. And, finally, one project involves stuffing heart-shaped “cough” pillows which are disbursed by Mended Hearts to patients recovering from heart surgery. Whether you can shovel or sing, chop veggies or sew a bit, there is something for everyone.

At noon we will reconvene in Calvary’s fellowship hall for lunch, a time of debrief, and Communion. We are excited to see how God will use this experience in our lives and in our community. The goal is not for this to be a “one and done” type of event. Instead, we hope this is just the first of many such Sundays and especially, we hope to meet and get to know our neighbors better. All are welcome, so wear your jeans, show up on Sun day, and learn with us how to Be the Kingdom.

Christ is risen! 


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