11 Jan The Gift of Presence

I sit in my office this morning, fingers poised over the computer keyboard, awaiting words and inspiration and more words.  Because nothing is coming, at least not yet, I am suddenly aware of the loud cacophony outside my window:  horns honking, a man yelling, something...

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03 Jan God on Caller I.D.

Isn’t Caller ID one of the great inventions of contemporary life?  I absolutely love it.  Despite the fact that my home and cell phone numbers are registered with the national “Do Not Call” list, I still get an annoying number of unsolicited and unwanted calls...

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30 Nov In Each Heart a Bethlehem

I woke up on Monday in a near-total panic. The voice in my head was screeching at triple-fortissimo, “Oh my heavens, it’s December and I have no idea what I’m preaching on Sunday, much less what my theme for Advent is.” [Editor’s note: some people...

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