Calvary Blog Launch

06 Jul Calvary Blog Launch

Welcome to the maiden voyage of Calvary’s blog post! It is my privilege and delight to welcome you aboard for what I believe will be a thrilling journey. As we embark, I am eagerly anticipating what we’ll discover together: stunning vistas along an ever-changing horizon, spectacular displays of light and shadow, new rhythms of play and work, serendipitous experiences of grace. I’m also looking forward to getting to know one another, to sharing together and learning from each other. Of course, no journey is uninterrupted bliss. Unplanned detours may be required. Lazy afternoons in the sun may have to give way to sweat-laden toil and blistered hands. But, such is the life of faith—and such is life. And, that’s what this blog is about—life and faith. That pretty much covers everything, doesn’t it?

People, Purpose, Passion: that’s what we’re about here at Calvary Presbyterian Church. I’ve had the profound honor of being Calvary’s pastor for the past three years. There are many things I love about my job, but one of the best things about Calvary is that “People, Purpose, Passion” is not just a pithy slogan. It is an accurate description of our life together. One of the ways we live this out is by creating a safe space for questions, doubts, fears and concerns. We value honesty and vulnerability and we encourage “living the questions” rather than having all the answers. This blog will reflect that core conviction.

We actually practice this in person at Calvary every Sunday: each week after coffee hour (I don’t know why we call it that since it only lasts 30 minutes!) we meet from 11:30-noon for Sermon Talk Back. How did you experience God? or What did you hear God say? are the kinds of questions we ask about our worship experience that morning. Folks are not timid about sharing what they did—or did not—like about the sermon (!) and that launches us into a lively conversation about what God is doing in our lives. In this space I’ll be sharing some of what surfaces in Sermon Talk Back with the hope that this blog will become an online extension of this very special and transformative dialog.

So, let’s pull up anchor and set sail. The wind of God’s Spirit is blowing and our grand adventure is beginning!

Yours for the Kingdom,


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