Connect, Grow, Serve…into Action!

21 Sep Connect, Grow, Serve…into Action!

Dear Friends,

For the past month we have been steeped in our fall theme of Connect ~ Grow ~ Serve.  First, we focused on how worship and prayer connect us to God and to one another.  Last week we talked about growing in faith and this week we will add to that growing in love.  On October 9th we will conclude the series by highlighting how we serve by giving, but before that, on October 2nd, we will put Connect ~ Grow ~ Serve into action.

Our worship that day will be something of a “hybrid.”  We will begin in the sanctuary with a Call to Worship, a time of prayer, and a hymn.  Then we will disburse to one of three places to worship by serving together.  Our worship will conclude as we reconvene downstairs for scripture, theological reflection, confession, communion, and enjoying a potluck lunch together.  

Service opportunities that day will include:

  • Assembling hygiene kits for distribution by PC(USA) Disaster Agency (choir room, all items provided).  This is a great project for all ages and stages.
  • Soup prep:  our freezer is empty and already there are folks in need of our homemade soup to feed body and soul.  Raw vegetables and cooked chicken will be provided to be cut/deboned and bagged in batches.  Bags can then be taken home to add broth and cook before returning bags of ready-to-heat & eat soup to the church freezer.  (Fellowship Hall)
  • Outdoor clean-up:  please bring gloves and clippers/rakes/pruning shears.   Trash bags will be provided.  Bushes and shrubbery along the fence between the school and church are trying their best to overtake us and could use a good trim!  Please note:  poison ivy/oak is present in some spots so plan (and dress) accordingly.  

I am looking forward to sharing this day with you!  

Yours for the Kingdom,


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