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10 Jun From Gene’s Desk

Given the technical glitch with viewing last Sunday’s service on Sunday, Sermon Talk Back @ 11:00 am via Zoom focused more on the continuing conversation about race than the sermon itself. Of the nine people in attendance, a few folks had read the sermon, so a few key points were lifted up and discussed. But then the conversation turned again to what was happening in our country and around the world in response to the death of George Floyd in Minnesota. A handful of people shared their stories about what the recent protests were bringing up for them, and personal stories about how they were shaped by their past and current experiences of race and culture.   The conversation turned to what can we as a church do to show our support for the apparent shift in our culture given recent events. Given our prominent viewing spot along N. Kings Highway, the racial mix of our congregation, including the Torre Fuerte congregation, could we put up supportive signs? If yes, what would the signage read?   Black and Brown lives matter? All lives matter? All Children of God matter?  Is there some other way to witness?  What is a faithful response to this moment of history for our congregation?

I encourage more of you to join our Sermon talk back this week to keep the discussion going…not just on the sermon, but on our faithful response to a historical moment.  Let’s keep the discussion going.


Gene Kendall

Calvary Presbyterian Church Parish Associate

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