Happy Birthday to Us…and Other Blessings

05 May Happy Birthday to Us…and Other Blessings

Dear Friends,

Blessings abound!  For starters, this week Calvary celebrates its 74th birthday.  Happy Birthday to us!  For several months already I have been thinking about our milestone 75th birthday next year and the celebration we will want to have to commemorate this momentous event.  Every time I think about our church being part of this neighborhood for three-quarters of a century, I am struck by the faithfulness, perseverance, and dedication of all those who have come before us.  Literally thousands of people have been welcomed through our doors.  973 people have been baptized here!  Over 400 weddings have occurred in our sanctuary.  And over 4000 sermons have been delivered from our pulpit.  Friends, that’s a lotta preaching.

And that doesn’t even begin to describe the number of tutoring sessions, or ESOL classes, or Sunday school lessons that have been taught.  Or the numbers of meals that have been delivered through the Meals on Wheels program or simply as one Calvary member helping another.  Then there’s all the meetings that have convened here; the elders who have been ordained and served on Session; the potlucks and fellowship events; the funerals; the building projects and repairs that have been undertaken; the hours of choir rehearsals; the engagement with our mission partners both locally and around the globe.  What a blessing to be entrusted with a legacy that has been impactful for more than seven decades—and it is a blessing to continue that legacy, as well.

More blessings abound as we remember or honor our mothers this weekend and give Bibles to three of our children in Sunday’s worship.  Moms and Bibles are great sources of wisdom that profoundly shape our lives.  It will be a joy to share both of these occasions together as a community.

Finally, it is a blessing that spring has sprung which means that I am in my happy place.  This past weekend I potted herbs, planted flowers, put up new hanging baskets, and declared the deck “open for business.”  For as long as the humidity and mosquitos remain relatively at bay, I am spending as much time as possible enjoying the sights and smells and sounds of my small oasis.  I did have one interloping squirrel who almost immediately discovered the pot of cilantro, but a liberal dose of cayenne pepper in all the herb pots seems to be discouraging other varmints from making a similar mess.  I’ve got my eyes peeled for them, all the same.  And the broom handy.

“Every generous act of giving and every perfect gift is from above, coming from the Father of Lights” says the epistle of James (1:17).  We have an extravagantly loving God who has poured out an abundance of blessings upon us which is something to celebrate! “This is the day that the Lord has made.  Let us rejoice!  And be glad in it.”

Yours for the Kingdom,


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