More Calvary Updates

27 Jul More Calvary Updates

Dear Friends,

Last week I gave an update on the numerous repair and maintenance projects that have been taking place around the building over the summer.  But more is happening at Calvary than building upkeep.  Now for the rest of the story!

Leasing space/tenant update:

Talks continue with Belle Haven Montessori School, as they have now been officially named, about leasing space upstairs.  However, the school has postponed any potential start date until Fall 2023 due to delays with the Fairfax County licensing and permitting process.  

Given that delay, the commercial realtor working on Calvary’s behalf continues to identify other potential tenants.  The process is slow and involved, but we will continue to pursue options until the right fit is found.

Custodian update:

Our longtime custodian, Roque, will be retiring at the end of the summer due to ongoing health issues related to “long-Covid.”  For over ten years Roque has been a dependable worker with a ready smile and a generous heart, and we are grateful for his many years of faithful service.  But with our sisters and brothers in the Torre Fuerte congregation, we are concerned for Roque’s health and want him to follow doctors’ orders and slow down!  

For the past several weeks, Pastor Luis’ wife, Zulma, and their son Isaac, have been voluntarily taking over Roque’s tasks to allow him to rest and allow us to continue to support Roque financially with his regular paycheck.  Zulma and Isaac have done a great job, and we are truly blessed by their generosity of spirit.  I spoke about living with gratitude in last Sunday’s sermon, and Torre Fuerte is at the top of my Gratitude List this week!  We have true partners in ministry—what a gift!

Children’s Ministry update:

Speaking of blessings, our Calvary Kids are also at the top of my Gratitude List!  This has been an exciting summer with our children, with three baptisms and new families visiting with us.  We love making new friends!  We have the best team of teachers in Jenny, Kate, and Hannah.  I’m talking—finding the secret decoder ring in the Crackerjack box kind of awesome!!   Parents, to support our children’s learning and their Sunday school experience, please let Jenny know if you’ll be out of town.  Appropriate staffing and lesson planning is essential to our commitment to our youngest disciples.

And finally, Hallway update:

A redesign of our main hallway is coming soon!  Watch for a new Welcome Center where you’ll find your new nametag and an updated Communication board.  

Grateful for you,


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