Running the Race!

25 May Running the Race!

Dear friends,

I am excited to announce that this week we are launching the Calvary summer reading plan! Both adults and children will be “running the race” of faith as we dig into the Bible together over the next few weeks.  Just as a marathon is a 26.2-mile race, our reading plan has 26 readings.  You may want to read one per day or one every other day.  Go at your own pace!  

For adults, the 26 readings will take you through the books of Philippians, Colossians, 1 and 2 Timothy, and James.  Each of these epistles is made up of 4-6 chapters, so they are short and accessible.  For children, the readings come from both the Old and New Testaments and range from a single verse to a few verses to occasionally, a whole chapter.  

To reinforce our readings, I will preach a “Running the Race” sermon series beginning May 30.  Each week I will use one of the texts from our reading plan.  

On June 27 we will celebrate reaching the “finish line” with a backyard BBQ and ice cream party after worship.  (And yes, this is for everyone whether you’ve completed all the readings or not!)  

My hope is that this will be a fun, interactive summer event to share together as a church family.  Participate as much as you are able and please plan to join us outside for lunch and ice cream!

Yours for the Kingdom,


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