Singing & Dancing for the Kingdom

05 Aug Singing & Dancing for the Kingdom

August 5, 2020

Dear Friends,

As difficult as the pandemic is making our lives in many ways, we are also exceedingly blessed.  As I talk or email with Calvary folks, family, and friends, invariably people express gratitude alongside their frustration du jour.  One gift that we sometimes forget to truly appreciate is music, but I was recently reminded of just how powerful a gift music can be.

The reality is that some days, even though we are blessed and grateful, we just don’t feel very good about the current state of affairs.  A couple of weeks ago I was having a particularly “off” day when unexpectedly, music came to my rescue.  Now, I realize we have a wide array of musical tastes, but these songs from a contemporary Christian playlist raised my spirits and totally changed my frame of mind that day.  So, I offer them in the hope that when you, too, need a “pick-me-up,” perhaps one of these (or something similar) might make a difference.  After all, sticking together, sharing things that help, and encouraging one another is more important than ever right now.  (And by the way, dancing is highly encouraged!)  Here goes!


Days of Elijah, Twila Paris


A New Hallelujah, Michael W. Smith


Every Praise, Hezekiah Walker


Follow You, Ben Rector


Be Not Afraid, Catholics at home

(If this hymn is new to you, as it was to me, we need to totally “borrow” this from

our Catholic brothers and sisters!)


O Happy Day, First Baptist Church, Glenarden

Singing and dancing for the Kingdom,



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