The Voter Beatitudes

20 Oct The Voter Beatitudes

Voter Beatitudes

By the late Rev. Dr. Mankekolo Mahlangu-Ngcobo, a South African
AME clergywoman. Adapted by Sis. Jackie Dupont-Walker

And seeing the multitudes, He went up to the stage, and when He was set on the podium his
countrymen and women came to Him. He opened His mouth, and taught them, saying…

BLESSED are they that VOTE, for their personal VOTE will make a difference.

BLESSED are the voters with pure hearts, who educate and encourage voters with apathy and
disillusionment to register and VOTE, for they shall see a voter turnout on Election Day.

BLESSED are the voters who are not intimidated by the political machinery, money, and candidate’s
supporters and vote their conscience, for they shall inherit the fruits of democracy.

BLESSED are they that VOTE for the candidate who stands for their rights and views, for they shall
receive change in their lives.

BLESSED are the voters that mourn for better housing, education, and safer and secured
neighborhoods, for they shall be comforted by their winning candidate.

BLESSED are the voters who are merciful to candidates who did wrong in the past and who have
acknowledged and apologized for those mistakes, for they (voters) shall obtain mercy.

BLESSED are they that hunger after free and fair elections, for they shall inherit prosperity and peace
in the land.

BLESSED are the peacemakers during the campaign and on Election Day, for they shall be called
patriotic citizens.

BLESSED are the voters who are persecuted for voting according to their conscience, for theirs is the
Power within.

BLESSED are the voters who are insulted, called all sort of names and wicked things falsely when they

VOTE against the corrupt establishment. Rejoice and be exceedingly glad, for great is your reward in
the strength of democracy in the land. Remember that there were citizens before you who were
persecuted for standing up for human and civil rights.

You are the salt of the city, the state, and the country, but if you do not vote, you will lose your power.

How will your power to change the status quo be restored? If you don’t VOTE, your issues will be
thrown out of the debate.

You are the light of the world of democracy – the country that is a superpower. Let your patriotic duty
of voting be seen on Election Day, so that young men and women can see the process of democratic
elections and praise the smooth transition of government and give glory to the Father and Mother on
earth and in heaven.

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