22 Jun The Run Away….Moses?

Did you ever run away as a kid? How far did you get before a parent or neighbor or sibling discovered your hiding place, or your cache of peanut butter sandwiches and cookies ran out and hunger drove you back to your mother’s well-stocked pantry?  ...

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02 Jun Pentecost with Children

The Pentecost story often interests children, but can be difficult for them to follow as presented in Acts 2. The opening events of verses 1-4 (especially in the NRSV) catch children's attention. But the long list of unfamiliar ethnic groups (vss. 8-11) can distract them...

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12 Apr Easter Changes Everything

As I sit at my desk writing and working this morning, I hear our church organist in the background practicing for Sunday’s Easter service. If you can’t be inspired by the strains of Jesus Christ Is Risen Today, Thine Is the Glory, and The Hallelujah...

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27 Oct Reformed and Always Reforming

This Sunday my church, along with many other churches around the country and around the world, will mark the 499th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation. October 31, 1517 is the date we Protestants commemorate Martin Luther nailing his 95 Theses to the door of the...

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06 Oct Prayer is a Mystery

Is there anything more enigmatic in all the world than prayer? Prayer is a core practice for people of faith whether they adhere to Christianity, Judaism or Islam. I can only speak for my own faith tradition and my own personal experiences in prayer, of...

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29 Sep How Do You Handle Difficult People?

How do you handle difficult people? Difficult people are a fact of life. There is no escaping the reality that some people pose ongoing challenges for us, and those challenges can come in a variety of forms. There are the constant complainers or whiners; the malignant...

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15 Sep Gratitude: The Antidote to Expectations

Expectations are killing me. I know that probably sounds a little melodramatic, but I’m not sure that it is. My most recent run-in with lethal expectations started with a really challenging weekend. On Saturday I officiated at a memorial service that involved a tragic and untimely...

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16 Jun How We Judge

“Do not judge,” says Jesus in the Sermon on the Mount. Those are very direct words Jesus uses and seemingly very clear ones, as well. Yet, I wonder how they are heard in a culture that claims to value tolerance yet still struggles mightily with...

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09 Jun Don’t Worry, Be Happy!

This past Sunday I preached on one of the most familiar parts of the Sermon on the Mount. The Gospel of Matthew records it at the end of Chapter Six where Jesus asks a profound question: “Can any of you add a single hour to...

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