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22 Mar March Session Meeting Report

from Pastor Michelle This month’s meeting consisted of two main parts:  overseeing the planning of Calvary’s 75th anniversary events and discussion of the pastoral transition.  Michael Volpe, co-chair of COM’s Transition Team, joined us via Zoom for the latter conversation. Details of note for 75th Anniversary: A 75th...

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30 Jul Deepening Your Communion Experience

This Sunday we will be celebrating Communion. Worshiping with children at home must  seem like an olympic sport, but just remember that when it comes to nurturing faith, there is a saying that “faith is caught more than it is taught,” which is a fancy way of...

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28 Nov Growing Faith at Home

Christmas - just say the word and we all have different reactions. So often we race through December, checking the boxes and frantically trying get it all done. (I love to say that perfection is the enemy of done!) I love to SAY it. Putting...

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