• Church: Standing Firm in God

    Church:  Standing Firm in God Ephesians 6:10-24 June 17, 2018 Michelle Fincher Calvary Presbyterian Church Last words:  we tend to put a lot of stock in someone’s final words.  In the letter to the Ephesians, Paul now takes his leave, says his goodbyes.  His tone......

  • Church:  Relationships, Relationships

    Church:  Relationships, Relationships Ephesians 5:21-6:9 June 10, 2018 Michelle Fincher Calvary Presbyterian Church Misconceptions about church are legion:  church is a place that’s all about rules, especially the “thou shalt nots.” The people in churches are judgmental, hypocritical, fanatical, or uptight.  Churches are cold, sterile,......

  • Church:  Keepers of Negative Space

    Church:  Keepers of Negative Space Ephesians 4:17-5:20 June 3, 2018 Michelle Fincher Calvary Presbyterian Church To this point in Paul’s letter, virtually everything has been stated with glowing affirmation.  Paul is extravagant in his enthusiasm, unstoppable in his praise. The energy of his verbiage overflows......

  • Church: All for One and One for All

    Church: All for One and One for All Ephesians 4:1-16 May 27, 2018 M. Michelle Fincher Calvary Presbyterian Church We are at a transition point in Ephesians, moving from an exuberant exploration of who God is and the way God works to a detailed account......

  • Church: Grounded in Christ’s Love

    Church: Grounded in Christ’s Love Revelation 2:1-5a and Ephesians 3:5-21 May 20, 2018—Pentecost Michelle Fincher Calvary Presbyterian Church Growing up in Christ.  That’s what Paul has been encouraging us to do in his letter to the Ephesians.  Paul sees spiritual maturity as being integrally related......

  • Church:Christ’s Peace in the Broken Wall

    Church:  Christ’s Peace in the Broken Wall Ephesians 2:11-22 May 13, 2018 Michelle Fincher Calvary Presbyterian Church So far in Ephesians, Paul’s message about growing up in Christ breaks in on us in a dazzling exposition of what is going on in this world in......

  • What’s So Amazing About Grace?

    What’s So Amazing About Grace? Ephesians 2:1-10 May 6, 2018 Michelle Fincher Calvary Presbyterian Church Imagine that you out tomorrow—perhaps at the grocery store or at work or the gym or picking up your dry cleaning—somewhere you routinely go that requires you to be in......

  • Bless God, Bless Others

    Bless God, Bless Others Ephesians 1:15-23 April 29, 2018 Michelle Fincher Calvary Presbyterian Church What better day could there be to talk about the blessings of God than today when we celebrate the blessing of Sophia being presented her Bible, the Karikari wedding yesterday, Calvary’s......

  • The Interesting Thing About Religion is God

    The Interesting Thing About Religion is God Ephesians 1:3-14 April 22, 2018 Michelle Fincher Calvary Presbyterian Church After our initial introduction last week to the book of Ephesians and its focus on helping us grow up as followers of Christ, this morning we dive into......

  • Saints and Sinners: The Miracle of Church

    Saints and Sinners:  The Miracle of Church Acts 18:24-19:7 and Ephesians 1:1-2, 4:1-3 April 15, 2018 Michelle Fincher Calvary Presbyterian Church Wendell Berry, the American novelist, poet and cultural critic has famously observed that, “We think it ordinary to spend twelve or sixteen or twenty......

  • Easter Sunday: The Exalted Jesus

    The Exalted Jesus Mark 16:1-8 and Revelation 5:1-14 April 1, 2018 Easter Sunday Michelle Fincher Calvary Presbyterian Church   “Who do you say that I am?”  That is the question Jesus asked his disciples, and it is the question we have been looking to answer......

  • The Tragic Victim Jesus

    The Tragic Victim Jesus John 12:12-19 and John 19:1-7 March 25, 2018 Michelle Fincher Calvary Presbyterian Church   As we continue our Lenten sermon series, “Will the Real Jesus Please Stand Up?”, this morning we take a sharp departure from the view we saw last......

  • The Yuppie Jesus

    The Yuppie Jesus John 11:32-44 and Romans 8:18-30 March 18, 2018 M. Michelle Fincher Calvary Presbyterian Church This morning we come to our fifth message in the series, “Will the Real Jesus Please Stand Up?” Today we look at a view of Jesus that is......

  • The Therapist Jesus

    “The Therapist Jesus” John 4:4-30 Michelle Fincher March 11, 2018 Calvary Presbyterian Church This morning we return to our Lenten sermon series, “Will the Real Jesus Please Stand Up?”  Thus far, we’ve examined different perspectives of Jesus by looking at the Super Human Jesus, the......

  • The Gentle Jesus

    The Gentle Jesus Matthew 11:25-30 and Luke 6:27-30 February 25, 2018 Michelle Fincher (Delivered by Elder John Kerr) Calvary Presbyterian Church Almost 2000 years ago when Jesus was walking this earth, he asked his disciples this important question:  “Who do people say that I am?”......

  • Jesus the Social Revolutionary

    Jesus the Social Revolutionary Matthew 10:34-49 and Luke 19:1-10 February 18, 2018 Michelle Fincher Calvary Presbyterian Church This morning we continue our Real Jesus series by looking at Jesus the Social Revolutionary.  This view has had and continues to have a profound impact upon the......

  • Will the Real Jesus Please Stand Up?

    1 Corinthians 15:12-19 and Luke 9:18-20 February 11, 2018 M. Michelle Fincher Calvary Presbyterian Church Will the real Jesus please stand up?  This is the sermon series that will accompany us along our Lenten journey this year.  First things first—I know Lent doesn’t start until......

  • Kingdom Dreaming

    Mark 1:16-20, 2:13-17 February 4, 2018 M. Michelle Fincher Calvary Presbyterian Church Over the past month we have looked at a few of the call stories in the Bible.  One thing we’ve seen is that God’s call can come in a lot of different ways.......

  • Beware the “Onlys”

    Luke 4:21-30 and Jeremiah 1:4-10 January 28, 2018 M. Michelle Fincher Calvary Presbyterian Church   It’s a word I’ve come to treat with caution, if not outright suspicion:  the word “only.”  It will “only” take 15 minutes.  It is “only” 60 calories.  This offer will......

  • Jonah’s Escape Room Strategy

    Joel 2:1, 12-14 and Jonah 3:1-5, 10 January 21, 2018 M. Michelle Fincher Calvary Presbyterian Church It’s a scenario straight out of a horror movie. You have been kidnapped and blindfolded. After some jostling and being moved from place to place, you finally rip off......

  • Wanted: Dreamers for God’s Kingdom

    Genesis 37:17b-37 and Revelation 21:1-5 January 14, 2018 M. Michelle Fincher Calvary Presbyterian Church It was one of the biggest speeches of his career, and he knew it. Martin Luther King Jr. was already widely recognized as the spiritual leader of the American civil rights......

  • Dreams, Epiphany & Call: Hearing God’s Voice

    1 Samuel 3:1-9 and Matthew 2:1-12 January 7, 2018 M. Michelle Fincher Calvary Presbyterian Church How would you describe your dreams? How many have vivid dreams? Do you remember your dreams? Matthew’s second chapter tells of three dreams, and each of them convey divine guidance......


Our Advent Series: The Jesus Gift

12-31-17 The Gift of Peace

12-24-17 The Gift of Joy

11-26-17 Christ the King

Adult Baptism sermon

11-5-17 Called to Follow

10-22-2017 From Us:Them to We

10-8-17 God’s Relentless Pursuit of Us Exodus 40

10-1-17 The Glory Cloud Exodus 34

9-24-17 Seeking Gods Face Exodus 33

9-17-17 The Golden Calf Exodus 32.docx.

9-10-17 First Ever Capital Campaign Exodus 25.docx

9-3-17 The Ten Commandments Exodus 20.docx

8-27-17 Smoke on the Mountain Exodus 19.docx

8-20-17 Overwhelmed but Overcoming Exodus 17-18

8-13-17 Complainers Never Win Exodus 16-17

8-6-17 Stuck Between a Rock and a Hard Place Exodus 13-14

God and Ice Cream -July 30, 2017

7-23-17 Passover Exodus 11-12

7-16-17 Plagues Exodus 7-10

7-9-17 From Bad to Worse Exodus 5

7-2-17 Excuses, Excuses Exodus 4

6-25-17 Curiosity and Call Exodus 3

6-18-17 A Defining Moment Exodus 2

6-11-17 An Auspicious Beginning Ex. 1

Easter Tide

6-4-17 Pentecost Failure to Launch

5-28-17 Joshua 4 Remember to Remember

5-21-17 Acts 1 Ascension Sunday

Proverbs 31 Mother’s Day

5-7-17 Happy Birthday Calvary

Hiding in Plain Sight Sermon 043017

Easter 2017 No Memorial Needed

24 Hours that Changed the world

4-9-17 Palm Sunday The Crucifixion

4-2-17 Torture and Humiliation

3-26-17 Jesus Before Pilate

3-19-2017 The Trial Before Caiaphas

3-12-17 Gethsemane

3-5-17 The Last Supper

Current Series on What We Believe and Why it Matters

2-26-17 Resurrection Final

2-19-17 What We Believe about the Church

2-12-17 What We Believe About the Spirit

2-5-17 What We Believe About Jesus

1-22-17 What We Believe about God

1-15-17 What We Believe and Why it Matters

New Year’s Day Sermon

1-1-17 Let’s Keep Herod in Christmas

Advent Series: Names for the Messiah

Week 4  (12-24-2016) Prince of Peace

Week 3 (12-11-2016)  Everlasting Father

Week 2 (12-04-2016 ) Mighty God

Week 1 (11-27-2016) Wonderful Counselor

Christ the King Sunday

11-20-16 In Praise of Christ the King

Stewardship Series

11-20-16 Sermon: Seed-Planting Followers

11-13-16 Sermon: Their God Is My God

Reformation Sunday

11-6-16 Sermon: Happy 499th Birthday to the Reformation!

Are You a Fan or a Follower?

10-9-16 Sermon: Is Jesus Enough?

10-2-16 Sermon: More Than Rules

9-25-16 Sermon:  The Comfortable Cross

9-18-16 Sermon:  God’s Open Invitation

9-11-16 Sermon:  Fan or Follower

Book of Esther Series  

9-4-16 Sermon: The Tables Turned

8-28-16 Sermon: Time is Everything

8-21-16 Sermon:  Sleepless in Susa

8-14-16 Sermon: A Defining Moment

8-7-16 Sermon:  King-Sized Crisis

7-31-16 Sermon: Winning Favor

7-24-16 Sermon: A Royal Mess

Sermon on the Mount Series

7-17-16 Sermon:  Is Your Life Built on Sand or Rock?

7-3-16 Sermon:  A Narrow Gate and a Good Tree

6-26-16 Sermon:  God’s Unlimited Generosity

6-12-16 Sermon:  Logs vs. Specks:  Don’t Judge!

6-5-16 Sermon:  Worry vs. Contentment

5-29-16 Sermon: Where is Your Treasure?

5-22-16 Sermon:  Giving and Praying

5-15-16 Sermon:  Love Your Enemies.  Really

5-8-16 Sermon: Rules, Rules, Rules

5-1-16 Sermon: Surpassing Righteousness

4-24-16 Sermon: Salt & Light

Easter Sunday 2016

3-27-16 Sermon: Good Advice or Good News?

The Beatitudes:  The Most Blessed Teaching.

3-20-16 Sermon:  Blessed Are the Peacemakers

3-13-16 Sermon: Blessed Are the Pure in Heart

3-6-16 Sermon: Blessed Are the Merciful

2-28-16 Sermon: Blessed Are the Spiritually Hungry

2-21-16 Sermon: Blessed Are the Mournful and the Meek

2-14-16 Sermon: Blessed Are the Poor in Spirit

2-7-16 Sermon: The Most Blessed Teaching

Christmas Parade of Gospel Homes

12-24-15 Christmas Eve Sermon

12-20-15 Sermon

12-6-15 Sermon

11-29-15 Sermon

Kingdom Series


02/10/13-  I -The Kingdomof God: What is it? – Rev. Michelle Fincher
02/17/13 – II -Entering the Kingdom of God – Rev. Michelle Fincher

02/24/13 – III -Traits of Kingdom Living: Relationships of Radical Love – Rev. Michelle Fincher

03/03/13 – IV-Traits of Kingdom Living: Speaking Truthfully – Rev. Michelle Fincher

03/10/13 – V -Traits of Kingdom Living: Passing Judgement – Rev. Michelle Fincher

03/17/13 – VI – Traits of Kingdom Living: Practicing Forgiveness -Rev.Michelle Fincher

03/24/13 – Donkey One – Rev. Michelle Fincher – (Powerpoint Video avi)

03/31/13 – The Big Empty – Rev. Michelle Fincher

04/07/13 – Traits of the Kingdom: Servant Leadership – Rev. Michelle Fincher

04/14/13 – Kingdom Farming: Growing Grass or Pulling Weeds? – Rev. Michelle Fincher

04/31/13 – Kingdom eBay: Good Deals and Priceless Values – Rev. Michelle Fincher


Acts of the Holy Spirit Sermon Series:

05/12/13- We’re Waiting for What? -Rev. Michelle Fincher
05/19/13- The Wait is Over Rev. Michelle Fincher

05/26/13- A Simple Message, A Shocking Response – Rev. Michelle Fincher

06/02/13- The Extraordinary Ordinary – Rev. Michelle Fincher

06/09/13- Big Hat, No Cattle – Rev. Michelle Fincher

06/16/13- The Age of Rage Rev. Michelle Fincher

06/23/13 Rev. Michelle Fincher

06/30/13- From Terminator to Transformer -Rev. Michelle Fincher

07/07/13 A Radical Turning Point (Acts 10) – Rev. Michelle Fincher

07/28/13 -The Barnabas Factor: Helping Others Fly (Acts 11 & 15)- Rev. Michelle Fincher

08/04/13- Jailhouse Rock Before Elvis (Acts 16) – Rev. Michelle Fincher

08/11/13-A Tale of Three Cities (Acts 17) – Rev. Michelle Fincher

08/18/13- The Anatomy of a High Impact Life (Acts 20-21)- Rev. Michelle Fincher

08/25/13- Be Careful What You Wish For – Acts 28:11-16, 23-30 – Rev. Michelle Fincher